Ellenius Buss AB will offer transport from Cityterminalen, Stockholm and Resecentrum, Uppsala to the start in Sigtuna. The buses depart from Cityterminalen from 6.15 am to 7.30 am. Bus for Halvrännet depart from Cityterminalen at 9.30 am. Bus from Resecentrum in Uppsala depart 6.30 am and 7.15 am.

For a guaranteed seat on the bus, please send a mail to, lastest 5 pm on the 17rh February. You will receive a confirmation mail to show at departure. Payment in cash at departure, please have exact money 120 SEK. There will buses for transport from the finish and back to Stockholm and Uppsala. Also 120 SEK.  

Please mark your belongings and cover sharp items.

Please visit us on

For transport to Sigtuna and the race "Kortisen" visit SL website. There are commuter trains to Märsta and then bus to Sigtuna busstation.

Avoid taking your own car!

We recommend skaters to use public transport or the hired buses! There is limited parking facilities at the start.

From the finish

There will be buses provided at the finish for transport if not covered by the public transport.

Avoid bringing your car!

We recommed to use public transport as it is very limited access to parking in the area.

From the finish

We will offer busses from the finish if there are no frequent public transportation.