Starting times

Vikingarännet 80 km - Start and finish is in Sigtuna

Competative class starts at 8 am (all participants). A license is required to take part in this class. Non- competative without poles/pikes starts at 8 am.

Non-competative with poles/pikes starts at 8.30 am

Everybody (with or without poles/pikes can start until 9.45 am.

If you are unsure wheater to skate with or without Poles/pikes, we recommend with. This may be of help in the end of the reace when you are tired.

Halvrännet 35 km (40 km 2017)

Starts 11.30 am but you can start until 12 am. Start at Sigtuna. 

Vikingarännet kortis (short race/familyrace) 15 km

Starts 12 am and 12.30 pm. Start at Sigtuna.