Repayment and insurance

Cancelled race

If the race is cancelled and your payment is registered before 31st January, 50% of the fee is refunded, if you have stated your bank account number when you registered.

If you have registered and are unable to take part

For a fee of SEK 100, your starting place can be transferred to somebody else. Please inform us of new details. This is to make sure the insurance is valid.


If you sign a cancellation- and accident insurance with your registration, your registration fee will be repaid if an illness or accident occurs and you can not take part. The insurance cost SEK 155 and is paid in addition to the registration fee. If you can not take part, please contact Folksam, 00 46 771 960 960 or send and E-mail to You must be able to produce a doctors certificate and also a receipt of the paid registration fee and insurance.