Useful additional info

Placing of number lables

Number labels should be clearly visible on the chest or on the front of the leg. This is to make the participants easily identifiable to the stewards.

Time keeping

All participants get a chip for time keeping. This has to be tied around the ankle, see instructions on back of the number label. Everybody with a chip gets their time registered.

Your clothes

If you don’t want to take clothes in your backpack, you can leave them in a tent. Instructions: Take a plastic bag, mark it with your name. After the race you bring up your bag.

Cut-off times

No skaters are allowed on the course after dark. That is why we will put a rope “across the track” outside Sigtuna att 2 am.

Withdrawl from race

If you withdraw from the race, you need to tell a steward as soon as possible, preferable at service stations. In case of emergency you can also get help from other stewards.


The distances will not be marked because of a "two-lap-race"

Food services at the start

Bring your own breakfast if you need to refill before start.

Change of clothes

Basic facilities will be available at the finish.


Good viewing points at start and goal and at Kairo. Please don´t enter the ice!

Are you following somebody in the race? Has the person started second lap or finished?

With this link you´ll recieve information on Sunday: To live report

You can also download teh app RaceOne



Hotell Kristina, eller +468592 580 00 or book direct on-line.

or Destination Sigtuna:


Visit Stockholm or their infomail