All types of skates can be used. Ice prods are compulsory. A backpack is not compulsory, but as the services are at various intervals along the course, we recommend you to take one. This makes it eaiser to take drink, food and a change of clothes. There is no spare equipment along the course, so make sure you bring what you need.

We recommend you try and skate without pikes/poles, as this can cause you to skate in a wrong position. However, a pike/pole can help in the end of the race when you are tired. If you use pikes/poles, please make sure you don´t hit other skaters!

Pike/poles are not allowed in the competition class.

Where can I hire skates?

You can hire skates and book traingstours at Ice guide,

You can hire skates at Servicedepån,

Where can I practice?


Good luck with your preparations!