The track

Please note that all classes have the start and finish in Sigtuna 19th Febr 2017

Note: All classes starts and finishes in Sigtuna and there are no landpassages 2017!

The course is cleared for the entire route. It is important you keep to the marked course, where we gurantee the the safety of the ice. Stewards will be on duty along the course.

Vikingarännet will carry out detailed supervision concerning the safety of the ice along the course. Primarily for snow ploughs to be able to drive out on the ice. We have a “rule-of-thumb” that the ice should be at least 15 cm thick. This is to enable us to safely clear the ice. If the quality of the ice is very good, we might be able to allow thinner ice, locally, but only if the ice meets the safety standards. We do not check the safety of the ice outside the course. You take part at your own risk. Up-to-date information about the ice, the land passages and other items will be available on our web site. See ice report.

Major cracks (råkar) are very difficult to forsee. Large variations in the temperature increase the risk of major cracks occurring. A special group of assistants from Vikingarännet will be supervising the pass-over places across thesre tracks. Please follow the instructions from these assistants. For more information, please see ice reports.

The track 2017

The track 2017