Competition class 80 km 12th 19th February 2017

This class is for fast and experienced skaters. You need a license to take part in this class. The class is divided in men and women.

The competition class starts and finsihes in Sigtuna.

Fee (inkl moms 6%)

Till 31 dec 1st Jan – 15th Febr 16-18th Febr 19th Febr
500 SEK 650 SEK 750 SEK 800 SEK


Equal prize levels for men and women - 5000 SEK to winners, 2nd 3000 SEK and 3rd 2000 SEK.They will also receive statuetts sponsored by Sporrong.

The first skater to pass Sigtuna will get a prize.

Competition rules

A competition umpire makes sure competitors follow the applicable parts of International Skating Union (ISU).


In case of a large number of participants, the organiser has the right to seed the starting field.