Environment and culture

Vikingarännet and the environment

To be environmentally friendly is a goal of Vikingarännet and we want that to demonstrate this in everything we do. For example

* We encourage people to use public transport in connection with the race

* The homepage is used as main source of information

* All skaters are encouraged to bring their own cup or mug

* We take the environment into account when we choose business partners and sponsors

What you can see along the course

Vikingarännet is an annual event which takes place on the ice of Mälaren, a fresh water lake.  The race runs between Uppsala and Stockholm, along the old viking route. There are many cultural landmarks on this route. For more information, please visit, Destination Uppsala or Stockholm Visitors Board.

1. Skarholmen

2. Kungshamn

3. Fredrikslund

4. Lårstaviken

5. Wiks slott

6. Holms Socken

7. Krusenberg

8. Stavsund

9. Skokloster

10. Häggeby kyrka

11. Signhildsberg

12. Sigtuna

13. Steninge Slott

14. Ryssgraven

15. Gåseborg

16. Drottningholms Slott

17. Essingeöarna

18. Långholmen